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YouTube removes monetization from channels under 10K lifetime views

The video giant is implementing a requirement of 10,000 lifetime views before creators will be eligible to monetize content. Those who have never monetized before will be required to apply for the YouTube Partner Program once reaching the 10k views threshold.This change begins today. Any channels that have less than 10,000 lifetime public views – including those partnered with MCNs – will not see advertisements run against their content, even if the content still appears monetized within the Video Manager. Once a channel has crossed the requirement threshold, it will be automatically reviewed, and monetization privileges will be reinstated provided the channel is compliant with all of YouTube’s policies.

While it’s still bad news for aspiring creators, it’s important to note that the threshold is 10,000 total views—not total subscribers. It’s arguably easier to gain 10,000 views across all the videos uploaded to one channel than it is for one channel to accrue 10,000 subscribers. If you’re currently a member of the Partner Program but don’t have 10,000 total views, you don’t have to worry—all revenue earned by these channels won’t be affected.

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