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Best tips for a new YouTube channel?

Here are a few tips for a new YouTube channel:

How to create a good channel name?

It depends on many factors. Remember these tips while choosing your channel name –

  • It should be unique.
  • You should make all social media accounts with the same name.
  • Random names can be used as channel names!

How to launch a YouTube channel with a bang?

To launch a YouTube channel with a “bang”, you need to generate hype and create a fanbase. You should create social media accounts with the same name and share them using the methods given below.

How to increase views on YouTube channel and followers on other social media platform?

There are a lot of ways to promote your YouTube channel, videos and social media accounts. Some of them are given below:

  1. Using Social Media – You can use social media like TwitterFacebook, etc. to promote your channel, videos and other social media accounts.
  2. Using Chatting Applications/Websites – There are a lot of places on the internet where you can chat with other people and promote your YouTube channel. For example, United YouTubers server is one of the best places where you can promote your YouTube channel, Twitch Profile, YouTube videos, Graphics, etc.
  3. By advertising – You can also advertise your channel on YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  4. By collaborating with other content creators – Find other content creators and social media accounts who promote similar content. The, collaborate with them and get a ton of free traffic.
  5. Using Social Media managing apps – There are a lot of social media managing apps (like Commun.it), which provide in-depth analytics and other services to help you grow faster on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Read till the end to get a surprise!)

Things you shouldn’t do:

  • Sub4Sub
  • Like4Like
  • Follow4Follow

I hope this answer helps you and you get a ton of Active Fans!

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