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10 Best Selling Photos for Shutterstock Contributor

10 Best Selling Photos for Shutterstock Contributor

Check out these top 20 best-selling stock photos for inspiration on your next photography endeavor. With a range from landscapes to food shots, these images offer insights into popular trends and can ignite your creativity.

1. Modern Aging

The older generation today grew up in a time without smartphones and computers, following strict routines.

Now, they’re adjusting to new ways of living and feeling comfortable in our modern world.

Older people are staying active longer by working, playing sports, and learning about technology.

They’re an important part of society and have money to spend. Brands want to show older people in their ads to connect with people of all ages.

2. DIY Projects

During the pandemic, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects became a source of comfort for many people. Home baking, cooking, DIY design, and creating photography tools at home remained popular trends.

Businesses that couldn’t function during lockdowns began sharing ways for people to replicate their products at home.

A notable trend was the rise of Dalgona coffee in 2021. This coffee, which is simple to make with just three ingredients, gained popularity for its delicious taste and photogenic appearance.

The trend originated on TikTok and quickly spread to other social media platforms, including stock photo websites.

3. Mental Health Awareness

Caring for our mental health remains undervalued, yet recent years have witnessed a surge in awareness and interest in the subject.

In times of heightened stress and uncertainty, mental stability and tranquility have become paramount. Individuals are seeking ways to disconnect and cope with the pressures of daily life.

The topic of mental health is gaining traction across various platforms, reflecting a growing societal focus on its importance. Even stock photo collections are embracing this trend, contributing to the broader conversation on mental well-being.

4. Nature Photos

The love for nature has consistently ranked among the top trends in stock photography for years. In recent times, our appreciation for outdoor experiences has only deepened.

As urban establishments like shops, cafes, and restaurants shuttered their doors, nature beckoned us with its open embrace. Tranquil and untouched landscapes have become a wellspring of inspiration across various platforms.

5. Promoting Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practices

Environmental issues and sustainable solutions are increasingly prominent trends this year. People are striving even more to adopt lifestyles that contribute to a sustainable future. The battle against climate change is also depicted in stock photography.

6. Social Responsibility

Photography trends mirror global events and sentiments. Being proactive and refusing to remain silent are valued behaviors in society.

There’s a growing desire for increased accountability and more purposeful lifestyle decisions. The pursuit of equality has become increasingly pertinent, a sentiment that is reflected in image trends as well.

7.  Mindfulness

War, political turmoil, and natural calamities dominate headlines alongside prevalent themes like multitasking and constant online presence. In response to burnout, mindfulness emerges as a remedy.

Mindfulness and embracing a slower pace of life rank among the leading photography trends. Simply browsing through stock photos centered on these topics can induce a sense of relaxation.

8. Food Photography

Healthy food alternatives have gained widespread popularity, ranging from “clean cocktails” to substituting fries with green beans, indicating a lasting shift toward healthier eating habits.

Given that Pinterest serves as a visual manifestation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this trend suggests an imminent surge in the demand for images featuring healthy food alternatives.

9. Home Office

Creative professionals continuously seek images that effectively convey a brand’s narrative, including the flexibility of remote work environments.

Flat lays and stylized home offices have become immensely popular choices for website visuals and social media sharing. This encompasses well-organized administrative or office setups featuring tablets and smartphones.

A high-quality office stock photo should incorporate ample negative space, allowing room for personalized branding elements. This flexibility is crucial for stock photo buyers seeking to integrate their own brand identity into the visuals.

10. Drone Photography

Drone photography remains a prominent trend in the photography world, particularly gaining traction on social media platforms.

Previously inaccessible landscapes now dominate the stock photography scene, with images featuring strong leading lines remaining highly sought after.

Relaxing scenes such as beaches, snow-capped mountains, and flower fields are emerging as the most popular subjects.

Amidst global conversations surrounding plastic and its environmental impact, there’s a growing demand for imagery reflecting these concerns. This signifies a significant shift in consumer, corporate, and governmental attitudes, leading to increased interest in drone photography to highlight our planet’s current state.

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