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How To Get Back Disabled Google Adsense Account

Most of the time,many new blogger are in dream of getting too much money in little time so they start self clicking,are they give fake traffic to the blog and the Google Adsense detect this type of activity and they disable the adsense account of the publisher.It shocked to the newbie bloggers when they see the disable account notification ,because they get non hosted adsense difficultly.If you violates the Terms & Condition of the Google Adsense then your account will be get disable.

Some common reason for disabling adsense account are given below:

Fraud Clicks:
Adsense Never allow to the publisher to click on own ads(Self Clicking).And you cannot encourage to anyone to click on the ads of your blog/site.Many of the new pulisher thought tht Google will not caught the fraud clicks,if they click with different IP Address.Gogoel uses a highly professional algorithim to improve their ads network and publisher cannot make fool to the Google.Once Google caught you then you will get disable your adsense account.

Fake Traffic:
If you are new blogger,or you are new in working on youtube channel then make effort to serve good quality content.I know that money is important but money should be earn from the legal way.Don,t try to purchase traffic or drive traffic by illegal way.Fake traffic mey be harmful to your website and youtube channel.Promote your website using legal way like social media,and use high quality information.Keep in mind nothin is bad in promotion but don,t try to buy fake traffic.

How To Appeal For Disabled Adsense Acount to Renable:
If your adsense account had been disable,submit appeal to renable the banned adsense account/It,smost important to get your account again.Check the mail to particular reason for banned account,resolve it after then submit an appeal.Type your appeal message within 1000 words and give correct information.Make sure your information is accurate or not,before submitting it to the google team.After submitting appeal wait 24-48 hours google will regarding your account status.If your are fail to recover the account,try to make a new one account or use adsense alternative network.
Click Here For To Submit Appeal

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