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How To Make Money With Media.net

Media.net is one of the fine advertising & publisher network that help advertisers to reach targeted audience & market their products & services while on the other hand Media.net give publishers an opportunity to Make Money Online from their web properties such as blogs & websites with high quality content. Media.net works under the umbrella of Yahoo! & Bing (Microsoft’s Search Engine). Publishers (bloggers & website owners) can request for an invite from Media.net network in order to start making money online with relevant contextual advertisements being displayed on publisher’s blogs & websites.

Media.net is targeted to small to large Bloggers & media houses who produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog with targeted and quality content, your chance of getting approval is high.

Once your blogs / websites are approved as a media.net publisher, you will be able to create ad units and customize their outlook according to your blog / website’s layout or design. After creating those ad units, you will be provided with javascript / iframe ad code, that you will have to paste inside your blog’s code. Once you are done with pasting the ad codes in your blog and have saved it, you will observe Media.net ads will start appearing on your blog. When your blog / website’s visitors will view, click or generate impression of those ads, your account will be credited with money. Once your account reaches $100, you can withdraw your revenue.

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