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Shopify vs Etsy which one to choose in 2022

Shopify vs Etsy which one to choose in 2022

Shopify vs Etsy are two of the top e-commerce platforms if you’re ready to take the plunge into e-commerce sales. Below, we’ll go over each one’s features and cost so you can pick the ideal one for your needs.

Shopify vs Etsy Ease of Use

Etsy and Shopify are both designed to be simple to use for ecommerce newbies.

When you sign up for an account on either platform, you’ll be taken through an onboarding process that walks you through the important steps you’ll need to get started selling.

You’re just adding listings to an established online marketplace when you use Etsy. This isn’t as simple as it sounds; you’ll need to think carefully about copy, graphics, and product pricing. However, it’s a really simple procedure.

With Shopify, on the other hand, you’re creating a brand-new website. So, in order to get your Shopify store up and running, you’ll need to learn how to do things like:

  • creating your own brand
  • customizing templates
  • building web pages.

Shopify vs Etsy Pricing

Shopify offers five plans, all of which come with unlimited customer support:

  • Shopify Lite ($9/month) — You can process sales on your own website or through Facebook. Shopify takes 2.9% of each online transaction plus another $0.30.
  • Basic Shopify ($29/month) — You’ll have a Shopify website and the same transaction fees as Shopify Lite. You can also have two employee accounts and the ability to use discount codes.
  • Shopify ($79/month) — Transaction fees drop to 2.6% plus $0.30 per online transaction. You’ll get all the Basic Shopify features along with five employee accounts and the ability to use gift cards.
  • Advanced Shopify ($299/month) — This plan reduces transaction fees to 2.4% for online sales plus $0.30 per online transaction. You’ll be able to dramatically scale up your sales abilities with 15 employee accounts and advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Shopify Plus — Designed for high-volume sales up to thousands of transactions per minute, Shopify fees and other costs for this quote-based plan depend on the particular needs of each individual merchant.

Etsy then offers these three plans:

  • Etsy Standard — There’s no cost beyond the listing, transaction, and advertising fees that apply to all plans.
  • Etsy Plus ($10/month) — This plan includes a monthly budget of credits for listings and Etsy Ads, a discount for a custom web address for your Etsy shop, advanced shop customization options, and access to discounts on custom packaging and promotional materials.
  • Etsy Pattern ($15/month) — This add-on service allows you to have an e-commerce site using your own domain name and comes in addition to your Etsy storefront.

Shopify vs Etsy SEO

The key search engine you’ll need to focus on with a Shopify store is Google – when you run your own store on your own domain, it’ll be the main search engine that potential buyers will use to look for products similar to yours (Google currently handles around 92 percent of all search engine queries).

When selling on Etsy, you must concentrate on a separate search engine – Etsy’s own. This works in a different way to Google’s — it aims to present search results to people who are ready to buy, rather than people who might buy.

Shopify vs Etsy Support

What Shopify offers

Shopify offers five means of customer support:

  • 24/7 support team availability by chat, email, and phone
  • Shopify Help Center with user guides, answers to commonly asked questions, and tutorials
  • Shopify-approved experts for e-commerce design, development, and marketing
  • Discussion forums
  • An online Shopify community called Ecommerce University

What Etsy offers

Etsy sellers can reach out for help in four ways:

  • Customer support by phone or email
  • The Etsy Success newsletter with tips to improve your shop
  • The continually updated Etsy Seller Handbook
  • Community forums

Despite the fact that Etsy is less expensive and easier to use right out of the box, Shopify wins out in the end. That’s because you need an e-commerce platform that will function for you right now as well as scale up when your sales increase.

Shopify outperforms Etsy on both counts. Sure, Etsy could be a realistic alternative if you run a small business that you wish to keep small. However, if you want to significantly grow your sales, Shopify is the perfect platform for you.

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