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Elementor Vs WPbakery which one to choose in 2022

Elementor Vs WPbakery which one to choose in 2022

Elementor Vs WPbakery review. Web designers and developers can now construct and build more websites in a fraction of the time that they used to. In addition, rookies and startups can avoid the costs and time associated with employing a web designer or developer by avoiding the recruiting and hiring of one. There are a number of WordPress page builder options available, including Elementor and WPBakery, which we’ll compare and contrast today.

What Is Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that makes it simple and quick to create, design, and develop attractive websites.

If you’re looking for a free drag and drop page builder, Elementor is a good option because it allows you to drag and drop elements, edit in real time, and preview your changes.

Since its launch in 2016, Elementor has swiftly evolved to become one of the most popular WordPress page builders available, with millions of active instals. Its easy-to-use, glitch-free visual interface, full theme development, and flexible styling options, among other impressive features, have helped it achieve such success.

What Is WPBakery

WPBakery is a WordPress page builder plugin that allows you to create great website content using a simple drag-and-drop method. Without coding, you can create, build, and manage content on your WordPress site with the page builder.

1. Pricing Comparison

Elementor is a free page builder that lets you tweak everything on the front end and see results right away. You can also buy a Pro version which costs $49 for 1 site, $99 for 3 sites, and $199 for unlimited sites.

WPBakery page builder is a premium plugin that gives you complete control over your website and allows you to create whatever layout you want with no effort. WPBakery is now $45, but it comes free with every premium WordPress theme you purchase for your project.

2. Frontend and Backend

When you first start working with WPBakery, you’ll see buttons to launch the Backend and Frontend Editors.


You can develop a web page with abstract blocks using a backend editor or a frontend editor with a live visual preview using a frontend editor.

Elementor page builder is launched with the Edit with Elementor button in a post or page you create.


You can either drag the widget from the list of items accessible in the left sidebar and drop it into the main area to continue editing, or you can drag the widget from the list of elements available in the left sidebar and drop it into the main area.

Your page can be previewed in responsive mode on any screen size and resolution. And near it, you’ll find History mode, which allows you to examine what changes you’ve done recently and either restore or evaluate them.

3. Available Elements

Elementor Elements

Elementor’s Pro version has 50+ elements that can be used for designing websites. You can also take advantage of Elementor add-ons to increase the number of elements that you can choose from. By the way, you can use the new and coolest Elementor add-ons which are constantly developed by experts and available for free or on a paid-for basis. Most of them are easy to find at WordPress.org.

Wpbakery elements

WPBakery Page Builder’s add-on community has over 200 additional elements to use. This is much more than what Elementor’s add-on community provides. You can even use a particular plugin to create unique elements for your site.

4. Templates Library

Templates might save you a lot of time. Rather than having to create each page from scratch every time, they allow you to use a current design and modify it as needed.

Elementor templates library

Elementor has more than 120 different templates to choose from. If you click the Add Template button in Elementor, you’ll also enter the library of 120+ readymade designs, so you can choose the one for almost any business or personal website. Here you can also save your templates to reuse them.

WpBakery Templates

WPBakery has over 85 templates. When you click the Add Template button in the WPBakery page builder’s interface, you can access a library including more than 85 pre-designed themes to choose from. By the way, here you have the option to add and save your own design templates for later usage.

5. Styling Options

Elementor styling option is separated into two tabs: Styles and Advanced. In the style tab, you can adjust the alignments, color, and other basic settings.

Whereas, the advanced tab will allow you to adjust animations, borders, margins, padding, responsive design, and z-index settings. Besides, you can add custom CSS into specific elements as per your requirement.

WPBakery’s styling options are a little confusing. It all depends on the type of content you’re working on. There aren’t many options for editing the fundamental elements. The backgrounds, borders, margins, and padding for the elements can all be changed.

6. Support

Elementor Support: Elementor offers a solid knowledge base that is easily accessible on the plugin’s official website. They provide vast articles, video tutorials, and reliable customer support services. Elementor’s developers also offered their users with open communities, such as their Facebook group and Github community, which lets users contribute to their project by gathering feedback, suggestions, and reports. Pro support is also available for users who paid for their services, giving them premium customer support services 24/7.

WPBakery Support: 

Support provided by the WPBakery Page Builder is minimal, especially to free license users. The only form of support given to these users is through the company’s slack page. Attaining support from Visual Composer’s customer service is a long process because their expert support will only help you if you provide them with a ticket. Lastly, the knowledge base that this plugin offers is significantly lesser than the Elementor support services.

Elementor Vs WPbakery Final Thoughts

We suggest using Elementor for this round. Not just is it available for free, it’s filled with excellent resources for content creation, architecture, media, marketing, writing, social networking, and much more.

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