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How much money do you get paid for 10000 views on YouTube

what actually happens when somebody crossed the magic no 10,000 views successfully over their YouTube channel.

Let me cover some points-

1. Your YouTube channel will be linked to google ad-sense account, that means you are eligible to get ads on your video which is the only source of earning from YouTube.

2. You will get $1–$25 (Depends upon your channel Geographic location) for per 1000 views over your channel.

1. USA/UK – $20- $30

2. India/Pak/Bangladesh- $1-$3.

3. You will get your first cheque signed by YouTube of $100(USA based)/ $10,00 (Indiana) within 2-9 months as completely depends upon your channel performance later on every month.

4. Mind it, you have to share your revenue with YouTube 45–55.

5. Although, You can earn by doing the sponsored video as well which is a very effective way to bear your production cost.

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