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what are exchange rate(USD vs PKR) that payoneer offers

1. Find out interbank buying rate of dollar. You can search “pakistan dollar interbank rate” in google and find this rate from forex sites. Today interbank buying rate of $1 is Rs. 111

2. Deduct 3% master card exchange charges from it. (111  x   3  / 100 = 3.05)  (111 – 3 =108 ). Your rate of exchange for $1 is 108.

3.Suppose you have $100, now deduct $3.5 (ATM transaction fee from it = $96.5) .

You can now withdrawn $96.5 in pakistan rupees from ATM. Multiply this amount with rate of exchange .  You can withdraw 10,422 from any ATM machine which accept master card. Currently you can use SCB, MCB, Samba and Faysal.

As per the posts in Payoneer forum, the exchange rate people are getting varies from Rs. 95 to Rs. 105 almost 6 to 10Rs diference than in open market.

Personal Experience:ON Date: 03/18/2018 I withdrwal 20,000 using MCB (including fee its 20,200).On payoneer account including charges it deducts $191.91, Mean payoneer gives $1 = 105RS.But today rate is 111 RS.

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