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Best Google Chrome extensions that give better user experience

1.Infinity New Tab

  • It is a Chrome-based cloud applications platform, for more elegant and easy in using Chrome.
  • Based on the past knowledge, Infinity considers that New Tab should be equipped with better features and minimalist design.

Infinity Features:

1. Wonderful Icons: With flat design style, including more than 200 domestic and international popular icons.

2. HD Wallpapers: Carefully select 365 wallpapers from 35,000 HD ones to match the icons so that a new wallpaper is available for each specific day; Of course, you may also select the pictures from your computer as the wallpaper

3. Cloud Sync: Back up real-time data to the Cloud, and allow Onekey Recovery from the Cloud.

4. Intelligent Mail Notification: Gmail Mail Reminder.

5. Todos: Check the things to be done and the things that have been done at any time.


Momentum is one of the most popular extensions of its kind on the Chrome Web Store,
Momentum has four essential parts to it. There’s a beautiful photograph used as a background image, along with an inspirational quote to get you going. The extension also offers additional information like the weather of the city you’re in, the time, and a personal greeting. Finally, there’s a to-do list built into the app, where you can add tasks and cross them off when done.

3.Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

As You can read the title of the extension, it is an adblocker. But, it is not the adblocker you can found anywhere on the internet, it is used over in 100 million devices and is the most popular adblocker ever made. It can save you from most of the types of annoying ads like pop-ups, YouTube video ads, and many others. It can also protect you from third-party tracking and malware, it can also help protect your privacy on the web through anti-malware and anti-social tracking features.

Here’s the list of types of ads which are blocked by Adblock Plus:

  • Animated ads
  • Autoplay-sound ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Pop-ups/Pop-unders
  • Expanding ads
  • Interstitial page ads
  • Video ads / Overlay in-video ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Webmail ads
  • All other annoying ads

4.Unlimited Free VPN – Hola

Hola VPN

Have your college Wi-Fi blocked social media sites? Cannot surf some websites that are blocked by your government? Wanna get rid of web tracking? The solution to all these questions is – VPN. There are lots of VPN software available in the market that promises various things. But, you may not use VPN very often. You may just need to use it once in a while to access a blocked site or two. So, why install an entire Software, if you are rarely going to use it? Here comes – Hola.

It is a light-weight, free, and secure VPN which can be used to get around Internet censorship by tunneling your traffic through another region. There is a selective list of countries from which you can tunnel your traffic. It is also super easy to use, just click on Hola icon and select the country from which you wish to tunnel your traffic, and done.

5.LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass: Free Password Manager

We are becoming so much dependent on the Internet for fulfilling our day to day tasks whether it is paying bills, online shopping, banking, social media, Emails, or god knows what more. As we all know, all of these sites use one common key ingredient – that is Password. As security researchers suggest us to never use one password more than once, remembering all passwords for these many sites can become very difficult.

Here comes LastPass, it is free, secure password manager which saves your password and help you in easy logins to your favorite sites. All you need to remember is only one password that is – LastPass master password. It is available on many devices like your phones and tablets and it is synced, that means the data you have saved can be available on any device, no matter which device you used to save it.

6.Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of whole web page or record what’s on that page? As the name suggests, Nimbus is a free tool that can take a screen shot a full web page (from top to bottom) or any part of it. You can also record your browser screen. It contains various tools to edit your screenshot like – Blur, crop, resize, textboxes and patterns and much more.

You can also save your screenshots to Google drive or Nimbus, and it is synced across the platform that means you can access it from any device.



Suppose you are watching any explicit or adult content and suddenly your mom enters the room, what can you do? You cannot close all the tabs at once or even a single tab within a fraction of second before your mom knows what’s going on. Here comes PanicButton.

PanicButton hides all your tabs with a single click of a button. It saves the hidden tabs in a separate folder and the icon turns green telling you how many tabs are hidden. You can also restore the tabs later or delete them if you don’t need them. You can even use their default keyboard shortcut F4 to hide and restore all the pages or you can set your custom shortcut whichever you may suffice.

If you wanna add an extra layer of security, you can set a password which will be required while restoring the hidden tabs.

8.Smart Tab Mute

Ensures that only one tab is playing sound at any given time.

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve got multiple tabs open with videos that play automatically, but you haven’t downloaded OneTab yet and there are too many windows open to figure out which ones are playing sound…so you keep trying to find it but the broken-record-like noise coming out of your computer is driving you insane…and all you can think to do is mute your computer altogether? Yup, we’ve all been there. You’ll no longer have that problem with Smart Tab Mute, which only allows one tab to play sound at any given time. Let’s say your listening to a song on SoundCloud when your friend sends you a YouTube link; as soon as you start playing the video, the SoundCloud tab will automatically mute until you pause YouTube or close the tab entirely. This is one of those extensions that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

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