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Top 10 Camera Apps for Andriod and Iphones (iOS)

If you enjoy taking pictures with your Android smartphone, you will love our selection of the best Android camera apps.

  1. Candy Camera


Candy Camera is part of a new wave of camera apps. This one is specifically for selfies. It has a bunch of filters. It also includes makeup tools, stickers, and additional stuff. There is also a collage mode. The UI is a little hard to use at first. It gets easier the more you use it. It’s not something a serious photographer would want to use. It’s more for things like Instagram photos or other social media stuff. The app is completely free to download. It has advertising, but no way to get rid of them.

2.Open Camera

Open camera

Open Camera is an open source camera app that fully supports the Camera2 API, which provides an interface to individual sensors connected to an Android device, and makes it possible to manually control everything from ISO to exposure time to white balance to focus distance. Open Camera is free, and it doesn’t contain any ads. Its user interface could use some polish, and it’s clear that the developers care more about features than usability, but considering its price, we can’t really complain.


With over 800 million users around the world, Camera360 is one of the most popular selfie camera apps, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best free iP camera software and the best free Android software currently available. Camera360 is a complete photo-taking and editing environment with a feature-packed photo editor and several shooting modes for taking fun selfies with real-time makeup and augmented reality effects. If you feel like taking a selfie but don’t have your favorite lipstick nearby, Camera360 can virtually apply it for you, and it can even whiten your teeth while at it.


snapchat camera

Snapchat has single-handedly made image messaging fun while also popularizing augmented reality effects. Snapchat revolves around the simple fact that people love communicating with pictures. The problem with using pictures for communication instead of text messages is their large size. Even with heavy compression, Snapchat servers would have likely exploded by now if Snapchat developers hadn’t decided to make Snapchat messages available only for a short while. Considering that Snapchat now has almost 200 million daily active users, we think it’s safe to say that Snapchat’s solution works.


Retrica camera app

Try out Retrica, an easy-to-use Android camera app whose main claim to fame is the ability to apply its effects in real time to your viewfinder. The app features more than 100 filters grouped together into convenient categories with customizable intensity. Users can take collage shots, apply vignette borders and a blur effect, and easily share their creations to people through social media


With Cymera selfie app, you can capture instant and perfect selfies whenever you want. The special effects present on the app just pop out your face in the image. This CAmera App for Android does come with a 5-step process to perfect the skin makeover and give out the best skin makeover. You can use this app and combine up to nine photos into one and blur the background with a simple touch for more HD effect.


What separates Perfect365 from similar apps in our roundup isn’t the toolset, but its native ability to adjust the intensity of each effect using a slider. Further, it’s lined with a melange of celebrity-inspired templates and more than 20 makeup tools aimed at beautifying your selfie, regardless if you’re set on trying a new pair of lashes or adjusting your skin tone. Again, it’s the intensity slider that keeps you from looking overly airbrushed.



Would you like to look like a beauty queen on every selfie you take? Thousands of people who are already using the BeautyPlus confirm that this is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone. The powerful photo editing tools allow you to remove any skin flaw, create a perfect smile and even make yourself a few inches taller. The Anime Cam will instantly turn you into your favorite cartoon superhero, while the Magic Brush tool will let you add some fantasy to a selfie.

9.YouCam Perfect

If you think that it is impossible to look perfect on each selfie you take, you should try using the YouCam because it will prove you wrong. This iPhone selfie app provides a One-Touch Analysis that tells you all the information you need to have about your skin, while a plethora of other options allow you to remove any imperfection from your face or skin within seconds. If you want, you can also change your hairstyle, do an eyebrow makeover or apply lipstick in order to create a more fashionable look.


B612 – Selfiegenic Camera is voted as No.1 in App Store across 52 countries. More than 300 billion users access the selfie photo app and capture glamour shots with less editing effort. Use new stickers every day and capture your current mood in each click with this most famous Android photo app. B612 featured with the amazing AR filters, which add much more life to the boring backgrounds easily.

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