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How to accept Credit Cards On Your WooCommerce Site

Integrating a credit card gateway could be very difficult, complex and insecure. And their behaviour is also justifiable because when dealing with customers’ money no mistakes nor insecure systems are tolerated. Yet, if I were you I would fear it so much. YITH WooCommerce Stripe has been explicitly conceived to solve this kind of problems and make the administrators’ task an easy one for what concerns integration of such an important payment gateway.

A tool like Stripe, which is so common in the world, because of the many circuits and countries it supports and especially because it is certified, could make your shop much more usable because it can integrate all benefits and advantages of credit card payments.

One of the main features, in fact, is the possibility to integrate credit card payment in your own checkout page, so that your users will not be forced to click once again (and you all know that each further click increases probabilities that users leave the site). You can do that if you choose the “Standard” payment mode.

Simple steps needed to make it working.

1.You need to create a Stripe account

2.After account creation get API KEYs from stripe account

3.Install the plugin.

4.Goto woocommerce Setting >> Checkouts, Enable stripe Gateway.

5.Put Live Stripe API Keys and Credit card option will be added at your woocommerce checkout.

6.SSL certificate is necessary in order to make the credit card informations secure.

Live Demo / Download

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