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Opera Mini Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Opera Mini Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

One of Opera’s greatest strengths is the host of keyboard shortcuts it provides. You will find you can browse a lot faster using the keyboard for things you do often.

Some operations have multiple shortcuts, so you can use the one most convenient for you.

tandard functions


Display context menu (same as clicking right mouse button) Ctrl + M

Special windows

Set your preferences Alt + P
Quickly switch some of the frequently changed preferences F12
Toggle Hotlist F4
Access active bookmark folder Ctrl + Alt + A
Show History window Ctrl + Alt + H
Show History window in the background Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H
Show Transfer window Ctrl + Alt + T
Show “Links in frame” window Ctrl + J

Local computer

Open file on your computer Ctrl + O
Save active page to your computer Ctrl + S
Preview page printed on paper P
Print active page on paper Ctrl + P

Page movement

One line up Up
One line down Down
One character to the right Right
One character to the left Left
One window up
  • Page Up
  • Shift + Space
One window down
  • Page Down
  • Space
One window to the left Ctrl + Page Up
One window to the right Ctrl + Page Down
Beginning of page Home
End of page End

Page source

View page source Ctrl + F3
View source of active frame Alt + F3
Validate source of active page/frame Ctrl + Alt + V
Validate source of active page/frame in the background Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V


Some of the keys referred to here are on the numeric keypad on your keyboard. You need to enable them with Num Lock on your keyboard.

Zoom in 10%
  • 0
  • Numeric +
Zoom out 10%
  • 9
  • Numeric –
Zoom in by 100%
  • 8
  • Ctrl + Numeric +
Zoom out by 100%
  • 7
  • Ctrl + Numeric –
Restore zoom to 100%
  • 6
  • Numeric *

Search and edit


Search for text in currently viewed page Ctrl + F
Find next instance of the searched entry F3
Find previous instance of the searched entry Shift + F3


Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy marked text Ctrl + C
Cut marked text from text area Ctrl + X
Paste in text from clipboard Ctrl + V
Select all text Ctrl + A


Toggle scrollbar Ctrl + F7
Toggle progress bar Ctrl + F8

Personal bar

Set focus to personal bar Shift + F7
Navigate personal bar
  • Tab
  • Shift + Tab
  • Cursor keys
Open bookmark on personal bar Enter

Full screen mode

View page using entire screen
  • F11
Escape full screen mode
  • F11
Escape full screen mode (if not loading page) Esc


Display help for Opera F1
Display this Keyboard Shortcuts page Ctrl + B
Find text in help Ctrl + F
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