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How you can add Google Adsense code in WordPress

The process of adding AdSense ads is not difficult for some experienced webmasters, but for newbies, this is still complicated. Luckily, there are some best WordPress plugins which can help you manage the process easily and fast. Here, we’d like to take the AdSense Plugin WP QUADS as the example.

This is a free plugin that allows you to insert and to show the AdSense ads in an easy and customized manner.

General Settings – AdSense Code

From this part, you firstly need to navigate to the AdSense Code part to connect your generated AdSense ads with your WordPress site. Here, you can connect 10 ad options using the Google AdSense code or the plain text/HTML/JS. For the Google AdSense connection, you simply need to click the Copy/Paste AdSense Code link, paste the code you have saved in your Notepad and hit the Get Code button.

This way, the Ad Slot ID and the Publisher ID can be added automatically. Next, you can choose to showcase the ad in the fixed size, coming with your determined width and height. Or, you can choose the responsive option to make the ad adapt to difference screenshots and devices.

Also, you have the freedom to choose the layout, aligning your ad in the left side, right side or the center location inside your web content, along with the proper margin.

Some Other Google AdSense WordPress Plugins


Quick AdSense

Google AdSense Plugin

Google AdSense Ads Manager

Easy AdSense

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