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How to sell a Facebook fanpage?

Thinking about selling your Facebook Fanpage?

NOTE:The official position based on Facebook terms of service is that you can not sell a page. It’s not “illegal” just against their platform rules.

Selling your Facebook Fanpage is a simple task. It only involves the process of adding a new admin, that’s it.There are a lot of reasons why brands and companies would want to purchase Fanpage influence. Sometimes they advertise their services or websites on them, and sometimes they only want to increase their brand recognition. Brand recognition campaigns are subtle and barely noticeable to the end user.

How much is your Facebook fan page worth?

Facebook likes are worth a lot. The Facebook Page Worth checks how many likes a page has and based on the total of likes it will give you the value of the Facebook Page.

Check here


Here is a list some website where you can sell your Facebook Fanpage

  1. viralaccounts.com
  2. fanpagecash.org
  3. www.facebook.com/SellYourPages/
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