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How To Fix Runtime 52 Errors On Your PC

Runtime Error 52 is a systems error that occurs in most Windows-based PCs. This error is indicative of a bad sector (file or number) in your computer which in most cases will have originated from an application error. You will normally encounter the Runtime Error while running Microsoft Word files that have enabled macros and that were made using a different PC. There is a direct link between this system error and issues in the macro command settings of Visual Basic. To fix Runtime Error 52, it is highly recommended that you first repair damaged macro settings in your PC. The steps to repairing defective macros settings as well as other means of fixing Runtime Error 52 in your system are explained in this tutorial.

What Causes Runtime Error 52?

It is a known fact that wrong or incorrect configurations in the macro commands in Visual Basic can cause the this error to surface in your system. Other culprits are registry issues and a defective Microsoft Word application. This error would show itself in your PC in this format:

“Runtime error 52: Bad File name or number.”

Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article to rid your PC of Runtime Error 52 and get your computer working normally again.

How To Fix Runtime Error 52

One of the main reasons as to why you are experiencing this error in your system is because Microsoft Word sometimes fails to correctly read a macro setting in a Word document that was created on a different computer. To resolve this type of issue, you need to replace the macro settings in affected Word documents with new ones. This approach is proven to be very effective for fixing Runtime 52 errors. To do this, you need to first click on Tools on the Menu. Next select the Options tab then proceed to Security. Afterwards, select Macro Security. You then need to choose Medium from the Security Level tab. Confirm the selection by clicking on the OK button. Next you should restart Word. Click on File followed by Exit, then reopen the program. When Microsoft Word opens up, you will be given an option to enable or disable macros, in which case you should choose to disable them. If this does not fix the problem, consider cleaning your registry.

The registry is a common cause of runtime 52 errors. Inside the registry you will find thousands of files and settings that grow in number by the day. It contains important settings needed to run programs, such as the ones used by Windows to load Microsoft Word; however the registry is also prone to corruption, and so these settings can get damaged. The longer you use your computer, the more damage and corruption there will be that accumulates in your registry. Damaged settings only serve to slow your PC down, and eventually cause errors such as this error. Unfortunately, these broken settings will not go away by themselves and so the problems won’t go away so easily. To remove broken files and settings in your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is an application that is designed to quickly and efficiently repair your computer.

Source by Katie Martins

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