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How to Find Which WordPress Theme and Plugins a Site is Using

Suppose that you loved a website while browsing on the internet. And You know that the website is using WordPress. After that, you start thinking about What WordPress theme or plugins are these websites using?

Can I use this theme or design for my website? Well, what happens if I say yes.

Now you can do this by whatwpthemeisthat (a free online service which is known as ‘What WordPress Theme is That’?)

There are also some good websites like Themeforest, which provide some excellent themes for your WordPress Blog or Site. you can shop your themes on these sites based on your content.

In this Article, I’ll show you the work of whatwpthemeisthat and how to use it.

Why “What WordPress Theme Is That” Created?

Some peoples are always searching for a good WordPress theme. Frequently when they discover a WordPress site they extremely like, it isn’t constantly evident which theme is being used (especially if there is no WordPress Theme connection or name in the footer).

Image Source:- Google Search

Some peoples can look at the HTML source and hunt out the information, but most of the people don’t know what to do.

Whatwpthemeisthat is a free tool and it was created in order to make it really easy for you to get all the details of what WordPress theme and what WordPress Plugins are being used on a site so that you can create your own perfect WordPress site.

If you’re looking to find out the name of a specific plugin, make sure you find a URL that you’re sure it’s being used on.

How to Use Whatwpthemeisthat:

Simply go to the Whatwpthemeisthat.com and then put the URL of the site you want to check. Keep in mind: Some websites will use different themes on different URLs — for example, they may have a separate theme for their blog. The same process is for the plugin method.

Put the URL in the search box and hit search.

Image Source:- Google Search

If the website you have searched is not using WordPress then you’ll get an error message mention below:

However, if it is using WordPress, the tool will return as much information as it can. This information is split into two sections: Themes and plugins.

Overall, ‘What wp theme is that‘ is a good tool and it’s free to use. It takes less to result and the result is almost accurate.

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