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How to hide tags in WordPress posts?

It depends on the theme you are using but in most cases, the code will work with almost all themes because it is a simple code irrespective of theme modification. If you look on the topic in WordPress forums then you may come up with different types of tags based on the theme they are using.

Here are the two best methods to hide tags without installing plugins.

  • Most of the themes have the options to hide tags and categories in theme customization options. You can hide tags from the options menu.
  • You can also search in forums, or you can contact the theme provider to give the access to hide tags, or you can ask a code similar to this.
  • You can just follow few simple step from blow.

    1. Go to WordPress dashboard
    2. Go to Customize from Appearance
    3. Go to Additional Css and add there  .tag-links { display: none; }


    1. .entrymeta , .taglinks { display: none; }

    For further information, feel free to drop me a msg anytime

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