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5 Cons of using Blogger

Blogger is seriously a very popular platform to learn about blogging and talk about simple stuff you want online. However there are many things people are missing out if you are using a blogger account.

1. You Cannot Sell Your Blog Away

Do you noticed that most successful blogs online never use blogspot? The reason is because if you work really hard to bring tons of traffic to a blogspot blog, you will not be able to sell it away in the future with a .blogspot.com domain.

2. You cannot build good backlinks and ranking in Google

Although blogger is created by Google, most people create blogger account in hopes to get better ranking in Google. But Google know there are lots of people trying to do that to get ranking that is why now all blogs now appears only in a search called Blog Search.

Most blog post that are posted on blogspot appears there and also in Google searches but because your pagerank is determine by (something).blogspot.com . You may or may not getting good positioning on your SEO results. Even if you did.. there is a ignoring blogger bar on the top of your blog.

3. Why promote Google when you should be promoting yourself!

By having a blogger account, you are actually marketing not yourself but Google’s blogger. If you noticed why does Google have a bar right on top of your own blog always? They want to get more people to use the blogger interface in hopes you guys will use the AdSense at the same time to generate more revenue for them.

I am not saying that is not good but you should actually be promote your own domain rather then a blogspot domain.

4. Limited themes and plugins adds on

One major reason why I migrated to hosted WordPress in just 3 weeks was partly I got my account closed plus I realized blogger do not have tons of themes to select from. There is way to actually change the design but you have to understand all the complicated theme codes to do that.

With wordpress, there are thousands of themes to choose from and also not forgetting all the powerful plugins you can add on to improve your blogging experience.

5. Professionals do not use blogger

If you are serious about making money online with blog, you noticed not a single one of them are using a blogspot account to do that. Why does that tell you?

I hope after you have read this article you would more or less got the idea why I do not recommend using blogger as your blog and should be using a hosted blog with wordpress installed.

Source by Alvin Phang

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