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How to Get Reviews on Google Business Listing?

How to Get Reviews on Google Business Listing?

There are numerous ways to get reviews. Of course, one can forward the review link via email, text message or WhatsApp. Post it on social media channels and pin it on the top. So let’s look at every option in detail and get good reviews for the Google business listing.

1. Ask For a Review

The first and the most important aspect of getting anything is to ask for it. If you expect your customers will leave a review without asking, it doesn’t work it that way.

Be polite to request a positive and honest review about a product or service customers have ordered lately.

2. Deliver Excellent Product

Excellent reviews require excellent products. There’s nothing beyond it. If a product doesn’t offer value it won’t sell in the first place. Moreover, the product must offer value to the customer.

In other words, the product must be useful to the customer. It must address and solve their genuine problems. The pricing should be affordable. More importantly, a customer should receive the exact item or experience they have been looking for. Anything less would simply annoy them and result in negative feedback.

A customer leaves feedback under 2 circumstances. First, if the product is genuinely good. Second, if the product is really bad. In both conditions, a customer will want to share his/her experience with others.

3. Provide Solid After Sales Services

After getting the first few sales, one must do everything to make a customer happy. Rock solid customer service is one of them. Sellers tend to forget once a product is sold & delivered to the customer. But in reality, the hard work starts after selling a product or service.

Surprisingly, after-sales service makes and breaks the chances of a positive review. The customer is not going to review your product or service immediately after ordering. He/she will get along with it for quite some time. Hence, expecting a positive review instantly is useless.

Allow some time to the customers after selling them their desired product or service. Meanwhile, provide all necessary support to the customer and make them feel happy.

4. Offer Discount Initially to Grab Some Sales and Reviews

A discount coupon is a common tool to get the first few customers along with reviews. The reduced price in a discount code or coupon will boost sales and therefore more reviews. Moreover, offer discounts to existing and current customers. I will show you how to do it.

Let’s assume you sell through an eCommerce website. Also assuming you have email addresses of customers who have already purchased from you. Send them an email. Integrate heavy discounts on new items. Setup discount codes on items similar to the recent purchase.

5. Insert Promotional Flyers in Product Packaging

There’s no harm in asking a review using a promotional material. One can use a printed flyer or a handbill. Print the Google review link on the promo materials. Put it with the product while packing. Don’t offer a cash reward against a positive review.

In addition, don’t push the customer to give positive or 5-star feedback. Keep the tone friendly and avoid being salesy in a flyer or handbill. That’s not the space to convert, upsell or cross-sell anything.

6. Use Social Media

Create a Facebook post with a Google review link. Post it on Facebook and pin it on the top. Let your customers be able to find the option to review as and when they connect with the business on social media.

7. Reply to Reviews in Google My Business

Customers give their valuable feedback but business owners don’t even care to acknowledge it. That sounds rude.

On the contrary, when a business owner replies to a review it makes a customer feel that their opinion/input holds a value. This, in turn, can motivate more customers to leave more positive reviews in the future.

To reply to a review a business must be verified. This is the default condition. Unless a business is verified it can’t respond to reviews.

When a business owner replies to a review, the response appears exactly below the customer’s review on both Google search and maps.

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