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How to fix slow/sluggish Toshiba Laptop and Notebook

How to fix slow/sluggish Toshiba Laptop and Notebook

A slow laptop is one of the major issues faced by majority of laptop users worldwide. A slow laptop hampers your productivity by consuming more time to finish work. It is also irritating when it makes you wait longer than usual for an application to open. However, Toshiba Mini Notebook NB300 is a standard laptop and possesses attractive features but it not immune from speed issues. There are numerous causes of a slow laptop and some of them can be addressed with a bit of awareness and knowledge about computers.

Consulting a computer tech expert is the best way of dealing with your laptop issues. They provide efficient resolution and fix issues that are accountable for its sluggish performance. By following the below mentioned tips you can improve the performance and speed of your Toshiba Mini Notebook NB300.

Increase RAM capacity

One of the reasons of slow laptop is insufficient RAM, the virtual memory of your system. It is essential that your system has adequate RAM so that applications and programs can be launched or loaded without hiccups. Your laptop becomes slow specially while launching applications without sufficient RAM. So you must have some free RAM to let your laptop launch applications without any problems.

Clean Windows Registries

Another leading cause of sluggish laptop is corrupt Windows registries. Registry is the focal point of your laptop’s data mine that stores everything that you perform on your system including edit, delete, restore, change, save, close and other tasks. So there comes a time when the registry becomes full of the unwanted data due to the use of laptop over and over again affecting its speed and performance. Situation may become grimmer it there is a corrupt or damaged file. So it is important to clean your registry with a good quality registry clean up tool.

Remove viruses and malware

Presence of viruses and malware on your Toshiba notebook will never allow it to run with its optimal speed. They affect the performance of the system substantially and make it extremely sluggish. To fix such issues you need to scan and delete viruses and malware by using an updated version of antivirus software. To make sure that you never fall prey to these deceptive viruses you should always have updated and good quality antivirus software installed on your Toshiba Mini Notebook Nb300.

Remove unnecessary files and folders

Presence of unnecessary files and folders on your laptop is also a major cause of a sluggish laptop. During Internet browsing temporary files and folders are saved in the hard drive of your laptop that needs to be removed periodically otherwise they can take a toll on the speed of the system. These temp files are saved on various locations of the laptop so you must be aware of that before you plan to delete or remove. If you are not aware of the location of these files then calling a computer support technician is the best way of dealing with it.

In most of the cases these tips prove to be very helpful but in some cases when you need to look beyond that. If your Toshiba notebook is running sluggish even after applying these tips, then the ideal way of fixing it is to call computer support technicians who carry high experience and specialized training for resolving such issues.

by Polly M Quinton

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