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Lenovo Laptop Wi-Fi Not Working fix

Why is my Wi-Fi not working? Well, this is a frequent problem that could wreak havoc on the life of an Internet junkie. Usually, no one pays attention to it, until it lands us in a troublesome situation. Do you know the reasons that give rise to this problem? No worries, you will come to know as you read this. There are several issues that cause it to stop working, recognizing them timely and acting to fix is the key to overcome such annoying problems.

Interestingly, you can fix most of these issues at home without a professional assistance. It might interest you as you don’t have to take your laptop anywhere down the road to fix it. So, let’s discuss what causes your Wi-Fi to stop working and some serious solutions to get them resolved at the earliest. Take a look below:

1. Wi-Fi is not turned on:

First of all, make sure it is turned on. If you are using a laptop, make sure that the internet connectivity indicator is turned on. Generally, the blue or green signals ensure that the system’s Wi-Fi is in the switched-on state. The most contemporary laptop models are equipped with a button that you can use to switch on or switch off your wireless internet connection. It happens that the button has been pressed down without your knowledge by your kids while playing around. So, check it down first before perceiving it as a technical issue.

2. Disable the firewall for some time:

Sometimes, the Wi-Fi issues are due to the existence of more than one firewall on the system. Having an additional firewall can give rise to internet connectivity issues. To overcome from this issue, uninstall or temporarily disable any firewall to bring back the connectivity to the normal. Try disabling Windows firewall to check if the Wi-Fi restores to its normal functions.

3. Restore Windows to the last working configuration:

If your Wi-Fi has just stopped after installing any new software, then it would be better if you could try restoring your Microsoft Windows back to an earlier copy. If any recent installation is stopping your Wi-Fi from work, then you should better roll back Windows to an earlier system restore point that will surely work for you.

4. Reinstall the wireless drivers:

Sometimes, corrupt drivers are the real culprits. If your laptop is a victim to these issues, it won’t detect any internet network. Such indicators reflect issues pertaining to the corrupt drivers. Therefore, it’s better to reinstall the drivers in an attempt to fix the network problems.


These are the most frequent problems that can bar your access to the internet. However, apart from these, you should also check for the router and modem reset. If none of the solutions work for you and you need quick access to the internet for some reasons, then feel free to go for a plug and play the USB network adaptor. It comes handy and may prove a quick workaround solution for you.

by Micheal Maddy

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