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How To Fix PhysX Errors On BulletStorm

How To Fix PhysX Errors On BulletStorm

The PhysX errors that will typically form on a Windows computer are going to be caused by a number of potential issues, including the likes of having problems with the software that’s using this feature, having issues with the Windows settings database (called the “registry”), and having other potential problems with the various important features of Windows. The good news is that even if you’re experiencing this error with the newly released Bulletstorm program, it’s actually very easy to fix.

The errors you’re seeing will typically show in this format:

  • “Failed to Initialize PhysX Hardware Acceleration!”

The problem that causes this error is down to the Physx driver on your system. This is a part of Windows which is continually being used to help control a number of important graphical user interface features for your system, and is consequently a vital component for the likes of “Bulletstorm” and other leading games. If you’re seeing problems with this program, it’s generally going to be caused by the way in which your system will not be able to process the important files this driver requires to run, as well as not having the correct settings or options that are required to process the advanced options the game needs.

How To Fix PhysX Errors

The first thing you should do is to re-install any of the programs that your system may have with the software that you’re trying to use. You first need to re-install the BulletStorm game, and then the NVidia PhysX driver on your system. This can be done by clicking onto the “Add / Remove Programs” feature of Windows, which will allow you to completely remove the game and all of its files from your PC. After removing the game, re-install it after restarting your PC.

You should then look to clean out any potential problems that your system may have with the registry database of Windows. The registry is where all Windows computers keep the important settings they require to run smoothly, and will continually lead your computer to run much slower. The way to resolve the PhysX problem is to use a registry cleaner to repair any of the potential problems that your PC may have inside – boosting its speed and reliability as a result.

by Katie Martins

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