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How to factory reset a windows 7 laptop

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. As your computer restarts, press and hold the F8 key before the Windows logo appears to open the Advanced Boot Options menu.
    If the Advanced Boot Options menu doesn’t appear, restart your computer after the Windows logon prompt appears, and try again.
  3. Use the Arrow keys to select Repair Your Computer, and then press Enter.
  4. Select your language settings, and clickNext.
  5. Log on as an administrator, and click OK.
  6. Click System Restore, and then click Next.
  7. The most recent restore point is the default choice and the best place to start.
  8. To choose a different restore point, click the Show more restore pointscheck box, and then click a restore point.
  9. Click Next, and then click Finish to confirm your restore point.
  10. To start the restore process, click Yes.
  11. Once the system restore is complete, click Restart to restart your computer

Or. .

  1. When the Dell logo appears on the screen, press F8 several times to open the Advanced Boot Options menu.Note: If the Advanced Boot Options menu doesn’t open, wait for the Windows login prompt. Then restart the computer and try again.
  2. Use the Arrow keys to select Repair Your Computer and then press Enter.
  3. On the System Recovery Options menu, select a keyboard layout and click Next.
  4. On the next screen you can log in as a local user or the Administrator.Note: Use the drop down menu to the right of User name: to select the local user or the Administrator account and enter the password for that account. If you have not set up a password on the local user account leave the password space empty and click OK.
  5. Depending on your configuration, you

    may need to select Dell Factory Tools and then Dell Factory Image Restore.

  6. Click Next to open the Confirm Data Deletion menu.
  7. Select the Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition check box and click Next.Note: The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes to complete. A message appears when the operating system and factory-installed applications have been restored to factory condition.
  8. After the restore operation is complete, click Finish to restart the computer.
  9. Restore any data or programs you want from back up files.

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