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Which Laptop is better Dell or Apple?

It really depends on what you plan on doing with your laptop.

  • First is the cost- This comes first in the list because most of the people are not much interested in spending their money in laptops (the previous generation)
  • The next is usage- In this you have to know the purpose of buying a laptop whether you buy it for gaming /multimedia /word processing .(You have to choose it)
  • The company – If you have chosen the purpose the of buying it then you have to select a company based on the purpose .

If you want ;

  1. Overpriced laptop
  2. looks pretty
  3. Good screen resolution
  4. Easy backup
  5. Easy to use and “dumb proof “
  6. No learning curve
  7. You dont mind being stuck with an ecosystem and a brand that controls everything
  8. You just want tp switch on and not learn anything and not worry about anything
  9. Then get apple laptop

But if you want to:

  1. Learn about computers
  2. Get a much higher performance laptop for the same price
  3. Learn a bit about software
  4. Learn about protecting your laptop
  5. Have flexibility to tinker with software
  6. Learn about how things work
  7. Have (some) freedom to do modifications
  8. Not be limited to one software manufacturer or brand
  9. Then get Dell.

Both have excellent warranty and service. The Dell you will definitely get more bang for your buck. The Apple is basically dumb proof, and you will learn more with Dell.

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