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How to Create Ghost Drive in Windows 10

How to Create Ghost Drive in Windows 10

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI OneKey Recovery. You will see the interface after launching it, and click in “OneKey System Recovery”.

tep 2. Choose the method to backup. There are two methods to let you back up.

  • Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition: You can create a recovery partition and store system image.
  • Backup system to other location: you can create a recovery environment in system disk but you can store system image to other place.
  • Step 3. After you choose the first option, you will see the interface like the picture below. Click “Advanced” to preview the effect that it will be after backing up. If you have confirmed, please click in “Start Backup”.
  • Step 4. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is ghosting Windows 10 operating system. If you don’t choose system partition or other partition that is installed with software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery doesn’t need to restart and enter PE. That’s a great strength comparing with Ghost software.
  • Comparing with Ghost, AOMEI OneKey Recovery’s practicability and compatibility are more powerful, as well as its compression is higher. It means it can spend less time to back up system safely and less volume capacity to store system image. If you want to Create Ghost Drive in Windows 10, Maybe AOMEI OneKey Recovery will do you a favor.
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