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How To Clone HDD To SSD Without Reinstalling Windows

How To Clone HDD To SSD Without Reinstalling Windows

Once you have decided to upgrade to SSD, the question rises how it goes. How you can transfer or move your current windows files to the new SSD. Before migrate to SDD, you must copy your files from the HDD to SSD.  This process called mirroring or closing the hard drive. We have sharing this process below. After done, replace your HDD with SSD (switch it)

How to Clone HDD to SSD

Please follow the following instructions to copy windows data to your new SSD.

  1. Connect the SSD with cable and other side with your PC’s USB port.
  2. Go to www.partitionwizard.com and download “Mini Partition Wizard free edition” software.
  3. Install the application into your PC.
  4. Run the partition Wizard application by clicking on “Minitool Partition Wizard.
  5. Delete all the partitions of your new SSD (disk 2)  and click on “Apply“.
  6. After successfully deleting the partition, click on “Migrate OS to SSD/HDD
  7. Click on option B, then click on “Next” “Next” “Next” “Finish”.
  8. After done, finally, click on “Apply” from left-top corner of the application. It will start copying the files and partitions.
  9. Click on Reboot if it is asking while copying / moving the files.
  10. After reboot, you’ll get a screen like this. Let it copy, and then switch off your PC.
  11. Remove the battery and hard disc lid with the help of screwdriver and then remove the existing hard disk from the laptopn.
  12. Insert your SSD in place of Hard disk. Reinsert the disk and close the lid and connect the battery.
  13. Now turn on the laptop.
  14. Here you go, your HDD is replaced by SSD without reinstalling windows and any data loss.
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