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What Should I do if my Payoneer account hacked

2 Days ago I got an email from payoneer saying You have received a payment to your Global Payment Service!.While you can continue to receive payments, your Global Payment Service has not yet been verified and future payments may be held for review until verification is complete.

In order to fund your pending payment and verify your Global Payment Service, please click Continue.

When I click on continue button I redirect to payoneer login I put my details to login then on next screen they asked for card details, Which I put without thinking.

After that when I see on browser search Tab the domain name was Payoneenr, Their website is 100% clone of payoneer, So If you recieve any email from


Don’t do anything the actual sender email of payoneer is


If you think your Payoneer account was hacked The first need todo is

IF you have shared your card details then you need to decline the card and asked for a new one.

I have shared my personal expeirence with Hacker attempt.Please be Careful.

Thank You.

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