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Top 3 Responsive Themes for Your WordPress Blogs

Responsive design is the buzz word in the web arena, but if you thought that only websites could be responsive, think again! Bloggers are equally ardent when it comes to making their blogs look and function evenly well across all platforms, including iPads, iPhones, smart phones, mobile devices, other hand held devices as well as all desktop browsers. And having a WordPress theme that can render responsiveness to a blog, proves to be a boon for the blogger community.

Responsive design is considered as Google’s most favored method of optimizing websites and blogs to be viewed on mobile platforms. Firstly because, Google can discover the content of a responsive website more easily and secondly because such sites use single URL for both desktop and mobile platforms which makes it simpler for Google to index the sites. Another advantage of using such WordPress theme on your blog is that it makes your blog look more consistent across all platforms as compared to separate mobile versions or mobile plugins.

As people are exceptionally using smart phones to browse the World Wide Web, going responsive is definitely a good idea to make your blog ready for mobile viewers. Below mentioned are 3 fantastic themes for your WordPress blogs. Weigh the options and choose the one that suits your requisites the most.

    1. Master Blog WordPress Theme: As the name suggests, Master Blog is the master among all responsive WordPress themes. It is a neatly designed minimal theme from RichWP that is apt for designing both personal and professional blogs. It has a modernistic design that includes bold images and large typography that gives your content an edge over others. Master Blog also has an array of enticing features which includes a sticky navigation menu, optional feature posts section, fading navigation buttons, useful custom templates, support for WordPress post formats, options to add your own logo across the theme . This premium WP theme is available at a price of $ 69.95.
    1. Genesis Theme: Genesis is a premium creation of the StudioPress which stands out as fast, flexible and highly secure WP theme. It has a mobile-compatible design and is optimized with an array of features that make it easy for you to manage and customize your blog. Some in-built features available in Genesis are custom widgets, mix and match layout options for particular pages, automatic updates for frameworks, comprehensive theme options panel and a lot more. Search engine optimization and efficient back-end coding of Genesis ensure that your blog and it’s content enjoy the best rankings on all major search engines. Moreover, to ensure a secure blogging experience the theme follows WP best practices and has been voted by Lead WP Developer. You can buy this theme from StudioPress at a mere $ 59.95.
  1. Dolce WordPress Theme: As the name suggests, Dolce is an elegant and stylish theme which has a sophisticated design that is ideal for any type of blog or magazine site. The theme comes with 6 homepage layout options with a featured articles section and a slider. It also has an option called Post Formats which allows you to choose between galleries, normal articles and videos for your posts. Some other enticing features included in Dolce theme are short codes, various custom widgets, settings options panel and a responsive design that will make your blog to look perfect on mobile phones, tablets and other hand held devices. You can comprise this theme into your blog by paying $ 39.

WordPress themes that render responsiveness to your blogs- is not it a lethal combination? You can also get a responsive theme for your blog. Simply download a theme of your choice from the WP store or seek aid from a WordPress customization firm to get a theme that suffices your requisites. This will give your theme the quality that can only be submitted by an expert WP developer.

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