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Laptop Lagging Problem, How to Fix It?

Laptop lagging is the most complained issue by the users. A laptop may lag due to various reasons based on various factors.


1. Too many programs are installed

2. Registry is fragmented

3. Disk drives are fragmented

4. Too many services run in background

5. Too many programs run at startup

The most worked solutions are listed below:

1. Uninstall Some Programs

2. Defragment the Registry

3. Defragment the Disk Drives

4. Optimize the Services

5. Optimize the Startup

Uninstall Programs

Too many programs installed on your laptop may result in laptop lagging issue. You can manage the installed programs through Control Panel as shown below:

1. Click Start | Control Panel.

2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.

3. Select a program that you wish to uninstall.

4. Click Uninstall button.

5. Follow the instructions.

Defragment the Registry

Windows Registry is the database containing information about your laptop, software, hardware and user configurations. It is accessed continuously when your laptop is turned on.

Defrag the registry to fix laptop lagging problem.

1. Download a System Utilities software.

2. Click Defragmenter tab.

3. Click Defrag button.

4. Follow the wizard.

Optimize the Services

Windows run specific services in the background when your laptop is turned on. Some of them are third party services that you really don’t need.

Using good System Utilities software, optimize the services as instructed below. By turning off the unnecessary services you can boost the laptop performance and fix laptop lagging issue.

1. Download a System Utilities software.

2. Click Services Manager tab.

3. Click Optimize Services button.

4. Select your preference for services optimization.

1. Click Apply button.

2. Again, make sure that no unwanted service is turned on. Select an unwanted service and click Stop.

Optimize the Startup

Laptop lagging issue may occur at the startup if too many programs are running. You can optimize the start-ups using System Configuration as located below:

1. Click Start.

2. Type MsConfig and press ENTER.

3. Click Startup and disable unwanted programs.

4. Click Apply | OK.

by Shane Z

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