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How To Fix Windows XP Blue Screen Errors

Windows XP blue screen errors will show for a number of reasons, including the likes of your system not being able to properly read the software you require, or having some sort of issue with its hardware. The problem with the blue screen errors that your system has will be that they are so “serious” that you’ll need to know exactly what to do to fix them correctly. This tutorial is going to show you how to repair XP blue screen errors:

What Are “Blue Screen Errors” And Why Are They So Bad?

Blue screen errors are one of the most serious types of error that your system can show. They are basically the result of Windows not being able to process the settings or options that your computer requires to operate, and is consequently one of the biggest causes of problems for the entire Windows system. Because XP is almost a decade old, it’s got a lot of potential problems that can lead the “blue screen errors” to appear – making it vital that you’re able to get rid of these errors in the most effective way to ensure that they do not show again.

Basically, if you are experiencing blue screen errors on your computer, there will be some sort of serious problem inside which needs to be resolved in order to fix the problem.

How To Fix Blue Screen Errors

There are two causes of blue screen errors, which means that if you want to be able to repair the various problems you’re experiencing, you need to be able to use the tools that are going to fix any of the issues that will be causing the problem. The main issue is with the hardware of your system not being compatible, or having problems; and the second issue is that you have some sort of software problem.

1) Restart Your PC Into “Safe Mode”

The first step to fix this problem is to restart your computer into “Safe Mode”. This is a mode of Windows which basically loads up your PC without any of the software or settings that “normal” mode of your system will bring. This means that you can effectively test whether the problem with your system is with the hardware or not… and essentially means that if you are able to use “Safe Mode” and not have any crashes, it means there is a software problem. If the crash occurs in safe mode, it generally means a hardware issue, and should be resolved by taking your PC to a computer repair technician.

2) Clean Out Any Damaged Registry Settings

The next step to fix this error is to clean out any of the registry errors that Windows might have inside. This is the second most common cause of blue screen problems in XP, and is caused by the way in which your computer will not be able to process the various settings it requires to run. Every Windows PC uses a “registry database” to store vital settings and options for your computer, and as a result – it’s vital that you’re able to use a registry cleaner to fix any of the potential problems that this database may have. You can do this by downloading one of these tools from the Internet, and then letting it clean out any of the possible errors that your system will have.

by Greg Kahn

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