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iPhone X Won’t Turn On and showing black Screen Fix

Check the Below Point to get rid of  iPhone  won’t turn on

Force Restart or Reboot: iPhone

#1: First of all press the release the volume up key

#2: Press and release the volume down key

#3: Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If your iPhone X’s screen Unresponsive to touch. Force Restart gets fixed and make your iPhone’s process super fast and normal.

Charge Your iPhone Correctly

If your iPhone showing, Lightning cable on a black screen, that means charging not started but you need to check the loose connection on the power adapter. only Battery is showing, that means your iPhone is in charging stage.

iPhone  Gets Stuck During Startup and Screen is Black

Sometimes your iOS device turns on but got stuck to slide during the startup then you can connect your device to a computer then launch iTunes. After your device is connected perform force restart.

To force restart iPhone  – Firs of all, press and quickly release the volume upbutton then press and quickly release volume down key and in last press and hold the side button until the recovery mode is shown up on your screen. Don’t release it until the Apple logo appears and hold until the recovery mode shown up.

Use official Charger and Kit

Sometimes the changing problem may arise that will only allow the charge from some particular charger or maybe it only support the charge while connected to the PC, not to the wall charger. This may let to not turning on the screen and that may be solved by the above steps.

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