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Impact of social bookmarking in SEO

Most SEO’s will tell you no, but I think the answer is that it depends. I still see some value in finding a niche appropriate sub-reddit to post our blog articles too.Google has said more times than anyone can count that links in social networks do not help you rank. Bing/Yahoo, on the other hand, specifically state in their webmaster guidelines to use social networks to boost your SEO, so things might be different with them.

What are Social Bookmarking Websites?

Social Bookmarking websites are online social platforms where you can submit any Link for further use.

Role of Social Bookmarking in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

We as a Webmaster all know, how important is a quality Backlink for any website. Yes, it is very much helpful, we can it’s one of the two major ranking factors. If we talk about some of the top Website like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc these websites help in bookmarking as well as driving a bulk of traffic to your money website.

  1. Social bookmarking has great effect on keyword ranking.Always try to post on high authority sites.

2. Social bookmarking plays an important role as it is a way for users to stock, manage, search, and operate “bookmarks” of website pages.

3. Through Social Bookmarking, your website and web pages crawl fast and easily.

4. Always try to post on high authority sites.

5.Various search engines will index your page within hours from the moment that it has been bookmarked on a bookmarking site.

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