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How to Reset BIOS Password in a Dell Laptop

If after turning on your Dell laptop, your operating system does not show up and you see a System Locked error message, it indicates a BIOS password locked issue. BIOS settings are a part of your Dell laptop and not of the operating system. It helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Dell laptop settings by turning it on. Here is a Dell support guide to help you fix the BIOS password problem in your Dell laptop.


Before you begin, grab your original Dell computer support manual (also known as System User Guide). It will help you understand the internal mechanism of your laptop and continue with the procedure. You will also need a screwdriver to disassemble your Dell laptop and reset the BIOS password. If you need help to do the reset, contact Dell technical support. Otherwise, follow the below mentioned instructions carefully to remove the password.

Remove any flash drive or CD etc. from the disk drive of your Dell laptop and then turn it off. Also, detach any external device connected to the laptop. Unplug the AC power adapter from your laptop if it is plugged into the charging. When done, turn your laptop upside down and open its back skin. Make sure that you keep all the removed screws safe to be put back in after you are done resetting the BIOS password.

Depending on your Dell laptop type, you might have a tab that you have to slide or to push towards you to open the panel. There might be several different panels for the hard drive, battery, and memory modules (RAM) etc. Visually inspect your laptop and remove the battery carefully using the screwdriver. Make sure that you do not damage the panel or anything else on the hardware when taking the battery out.

Remove the memory module(s) and hard drive (if needed) also carefully without damaging any part of your Dell laptop. Look for the Password reset jumper, a small 3-pin part labeled as PSWD and remove its plastic clip off (covering pin 2 and 3) carefully using your fingernail. Wait for as long as 10-15 minutes and then put the clip back on to pin 1 and 2 in place of pin 2 and 3. Wait for 2-3 minutes and then take off the plastic clip again.

Wait for 10-15 minutes and then place the clip back on the pin 2 and 3. Turn the laptop back on and wait. It should turn on fine. Turn it off then place every part back in the way it was before disassembly. Turn the laptop back on. If the problem persists after you first turn on the laptop, remove the plastic clip, and place it on pin 1 and pin 2 for as long as an hour and repeat the next procedure. When done, place everything back in and turn your Dell laptop on.

Additional Tips:

Take help of your Dell system user guide if you feel stuck any where during the procedure. Make sure that you do not damage any component of your Dell laptop. Failing to which can cost you dearly. If you are unable to resolve your issue by yourself, contact Dell technical support.

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