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How to Increase iPhone storage space for sure without any software

However, there might be days whenever you might see 64GB or even 128GB is not sufficient space for almost everything you wish to store. Adhere to these types of suggestions to help to make probably the most for your iPhone’s storage capability. So, here are some tips to increase iPhone storage space for sure:

Remove and Reinstall Extra Applications:

look again at Settings > General > iPhone Storage and click on the arrow beside one of the apps listed there. This way you can see how much data is used by the app itself, and how much additional space is being used by documents and data.

When you’re in Settings > General > iPhone Storage, you’ll see some recommendations for optimising your storage (above the list of apps). Tap Show All to see more of this sort of thing.

iOS will encourage you to use iCloud Photo Library, for instance, which stores your snaps in the cloud, and to Auto Delete Old Conversations from the Messages app.

But the most interesting (and in some ways most drastic) suggestion is Offload Unused Apps. This is a kind of emergency step that automatically offloads app that are rarely used when you start to run out of storage. ‘Offloading’ is a compromise that deletes the app itself – which is easy to replace by redownloading, after all – but keeps the documents and data, which are likely to be irreplaceable.

Delete iMessage images

Open a conversation, then tap and hold an image within the thread. You’ll see the reaction icons – heart, thumbs up and so on – above the image, but at the bottom there’s a further menu. Tap More, and you’ll see little tick-circles next to each message and image. (The one you tapped and held will have this pre-ticked.)

You can now select as many images (or other messages) as you wish, then tap the bin icon at the bottom left to delete them.

Update iOS

Apple introduced a new file storage system as part of iOS 10.3, released back in March 2017, that frees up space on your device: some claim that the update provided an extra 7.8GB of storage without deleting anything.

If you’re still running an earlier version of iOS, open the Settings app and go to General > Software Update and follow the update instructions.

Clean out Safari Cache

While you browse the internet by using the ios Safari mobile web browser, pictures and website records may land inside the cache, trying out much more space. In case, you need several additional megabytes for your iPhone, jump to Settings > Safari > Clean History and Website Records. Additionally, you may maintain your past records while removing almost everything otherwise in Safari through heading a few menus much deeper. Tap Advanced > Website Data.” and tap into “Delete all Website Data.”

Delete photos you don’t need

It is likely that you have images on your iPhone that you had no desire to keep. Delete all the unwanted images or save them on icloud or your pc and only keep important images on your mobile phone.

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