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How to Get a Free Facebook Ad Coupon

Facebook Ads help you to reach targeted people and with coupon codes you can save huge money on your advertising budget.Getting a free Facebook ad coupon is not as easy as it used to be, but it is still possible. Back in 2015, Facebook stopped giving away coupon codes. But we’ve heard rumors of small business owners getting their hands on coupons.

Are Free Coupon Codes Still Available For Online Advertising?

Facebook still gives out coupons to its users on a semi-random basis. For example, if you are new to Facebook advertising and you start the process of creating your first ad, there’s a chance that Facebook will offer you an advertising coupon to entice you to complete your ad.

Alternatively you can also get Facebook free credit in terms of coupons directly by Facebook marketing team only. Simply go and visit market app FB page. If you’re new advertiser and never used them then you can enjoy $50 credit for your first time ads.You can also get Facebook Advertising credit worth $75 for FREE, if you start new agency account.

Hosting companies host many giveaways and as an entire encourage advertising on key search engines and social media. If you are hooked to a main hosting company (GoDaddy and HostGator, for example), it has a high opportunity it’s giving out a free Facebook ad coupon.You can look at their features, services or send them an e-mail in order to require for yourself.

If you want to buy Facebook Ads Coupons then you should check Fiverr.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com kind of trusted site. Here so many experts sells $50 and $100 coupons for as low as $5 only. You first have to make sure that coupon is legit and they will work for your account and country.

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