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How to get 1000 Referrals for CryptoTab or Other Mining Aps

What’s The Secret?
With Facebook, Twitter and most of the other bigger platforms banning crypto related ads, there are other options. But most will require payment upfront and yield little to no results.

We have found the best way to get 1,000’s of referrals at a fraction of the cost of other Advertising Networks. Thousands of referrals. In just days.

Step 1

Download the Crypto Tab Chrome Extension

Step 2

Go To and Sign Up

Step 3

Update your account info with your name, address and info.

Step 4

Click “Create Campaign”

Step 5

This is important. Select “Pop Ad Advertising”

Next select how many people you want your ad to reach. I started with 10K. This costs me $15.

Leave everything else blank.

Click to Submit & Enter Ad Details

Step 7

Copy Your Referral link and paste in “pop Ad url”.In Pop Ad Name: Name it anything you want, I used “CryptoTab”

Step 8

Deselect “mobile” because users that sign up will need to do so on a laptop or desktop.

Step 9

Leave your browser open and mining on MAX when you don’t need all your computer power or you’re done with work.

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