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How to Fix Windows 7 Blank Screen

How to Fix Windows 7 Blank Screen

Blank screen appears on the startup after installing Windows 7 operating system on machine which is completely blank and you are unable to perform any task on your system. Are you suffering with this issue? Looking for steps to fix Windows 7 blank screen?

Below is outlined tips with the help of which you can fix Windows 7 blank screen issue on your computer without opting for a reinstall.

In this situation user is unable to see anything on the screen which is annoying. Before tying to fix this issue, you need to figure out how you can regain access to onscreen display. This could be done through following steps:

a. Reboot your machine and let it run in Safe Mode (press and hold F8 key form keyboard).

b. Secondly disconnect all other monitors except one.

Once you have access to your display, create a.bat file. This file would kill “dwm” process at the startup. To do this, following are the steps.

1. Start >> Run >> Type “notepad”

2. Once you are in Notepad, type this text in the document “taskkill / F /IM dwm.exe” without quotes. Make sure there is space between taskkill, F and IM dwm.exe

3. Press Ctrl+S and save file as “displayfix.bat”

4. Now copy this file to (C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Startup ).

5. Now Click on My Computer > C > ProgramData >Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > Startup. Make sure file is present here.

6. Close the programs running.

7. Restart your machine.

Windows 7 blank screen is fixed. Now it’s high time to clean your system registry with some reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer. Windows registry is database where operating system stores all hardware and software configurations. If there is minor corruption is this portion then it may lead your system to errors such as Windows 7 blank screen.

by Shane Z

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