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HOw to Fix If laptop Touchpad not Work When Connected to Power Supply

Do you also encounter the same problem with your laptop touchpad, where it won’t work properly, at times freezes or hangs when the charger is connected to power supply?

if a laptop touchpad hangs or keeps malfunctioning when connected to electricity, it’s likely due to a weak power supply or electrical interference, but this is not true in all cases.

Solution 1: Charger Distance From Laptop

Distant the laptop from the power adapter when it is plugged to electricity. The closer the laptop is to the power adapter, the more it messes up.It works in some cases.

Solution 2: Check on Different Location

Plugin the charger in different location even outside you house/work

Solution 3.Update the BIOS

Update your system BIOS

Solution 4.Reinstall Touchpad Drivers

If updating BIOS does not fix the issue,uninstall and reinstall the touchpad driver.

To uninstall go to Device Manager(Control Panel,System,Hardware),expand Mouse and pointing device,right click on the Touchpad,click Uninstall,put check mark for delete driver software,click OK.

Reboot system,download and reinstall driver

Solution 5: Faulty Charger

If the first solution did not work, then your charger is either incompatible with the laptop or becomes faulty. So, the only solution here is to change the charger.Check it first using different charger.

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