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Best Tips to Increase Fiverr Sales

Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces you can use to sell your services or virtual goods online. The cost for services or virtual good available starts at $5, hence, its name. There are more than 2 million amazing services offered on their site. Fiverr is the best place for people who want to earn money by offering their unique services for an affordable price.

Fiverr is a good starting place to sell your services.For new sellers its hard to get sales, Mostly buyers look for high rated sellers.Below are some tips that will help you to increase your sales.

1.Add your profile picture

Adding a picture to your Fiverr profile is very important, as it shows your buyers that you are a legit seller. Many people won’t purchase a gig or product from someone without a profile picture. It makes people suspicious.

Careful not to use a celebrity picture or it would have an opposite effect. Have you ever wondered why customer care representatives are always so attractive? Its to get you to buy more and become a client. Same applies to Fiverr, an attractive cover photo would bring in a few extra sales

2.Know your skills
Be well informed about your skill, and it will make it easier for you to pick a category appropriate for your services.
3.Add a detailed description of your gig
Adding a long description of your gig is better than a short or concise description, because you are actually showing your willingness and dedication to providing a gig or services. Make it long and informative.
4.Use keywords on your gig
make your gig stand out and to get more exposure to your gig service, you should improve your keywords. To do this, copy the keywords of the same gig service you offer, from a top seller. Put your keywords in the description and avoid over-stuffing.
5.Offer a Guarantee
When you offer a money-back guarantee, you’re offering to cancel transactions if a user isn’t satisfied.
6.Advertise Your Gig Off-Site
There are no rules against advertising Fiverr off-site, and in fact they encourage it. They encourage it so much that they introduced a service that allows you to create custom deals and pricing options on other sites. This allows you to bundle upsells for a lower overall cost to encourage sales through sites like Facebook and Twitter.
7.Check Buyer Requests Daily

if you are not getting sales on Fiverr, you should consider sending offers to buyer requests, as this is the only way to reach potential buyers directly.

Nowadays competition on Fiverr is getting tougher each and every day, so sending offers can increase the chance of getting sales.


Rating is every thing, if you have poor rating no one will order your Gig that’s for sure, so always fulfill expectations of buyers on fiverr, and they will surely give you 5 star rating, more the positive reviews you have more chances of getting sales.

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