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Fix Inspiron 16 Plus touchpad problem

Fix Inspiron 16 Plus touchpad problem

Fix Inspiron 16 Plus touchpad problem: In laptops, the touchpad is often used as the primary pointing device. Nothing, however, is immune to Windows flaws and problems. Touchpad failures and malfunctions are ubiquitous in nature; every laptop user, regardless of laptop brand or operating system version, has experienced them at least once.

However, in recent times, touchpad issues have been reported to a greater extent by Dell laptop users. While we have a separate and more comprehensive guide for how to fix a touchpad.

1. Enable Touchpad with the Keyboard Combination

Every laptop has a hotkey combination to quickly enable and disable the touchpad. The key combination comes in handy when a user connects an external mouse and doesn’t want any conflicts between the two pointing devices. It is also particularly useful to quickly turn the touchpad off while typing to prevent any accidental palm touches.

2. Enable Touchpad via Control Panel

1. Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run command. Type control or control panel and hit enter.

2. In the control panel window, click on Hardware and Sound and then Mouse and Touchpad.

3. Now, click on Additional mouse options.

4. A window titled Mouse Properties will open up. Switch to the Dell touchpad tab and check whether your touchpad is enabled or not. (If the said tab is absent, click on ELAN or Device Settings tab and under devices, look for your touchpad)

5. If your touchpad is disabled, simply press on the toggle switch to turn it back On.

If you do not find the toggle switch, open run command once again, type main.cpl and press enter.

Switch over to the Dell touchpad tab if you aren’t already there and click on Click to change Dell Touchpad settings.

3. Update Touchpad Drivers

You can also choose to automatically update your touchpad drivers using a third party application. Sometimes it is impossible to find the correct driver version for a certain laptop model. If that’s the case for you or you simply don’t wanna go through the hassle of manually updating drivers, consider using applications like Driver Booster or Driver Easy. Both of them have a free as well as a paid version and boost a long list of features.

Other Solutions

Go to Intel Graphics Driver and disable ALL options related to battery saving, such as Panel Self Refresh.
-Shutdown and then boot the laptop again.

I thought this solution because I’ve noticed that touchpad starts to lag/freeze only when using Intel UHD gpu.

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