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Evo Wingle not connecting issues

There might be various reasons due to which your evo wingle is not working properly.

1. Check evo package expiry date

Make sure that your ptcl evo wingle package haven’t expired yet.

How to check evo package expiry date?

The only possible ways to confirm the expiry date of your current ptcl evo wingle package are:

  • Remember the last date that you recharged your prepaid evo wingle, so it remains active for a month only
  • Call ptcl helpline to check and confirm if your wingle package has expired or is there any other issue

2. Does your evo has remaining data?

One of the main issue for evo not working is that it runs out of the data limit that we can use in our subscribed package.

How to check remaining volume of evo wingle

If you’re following or can check the evo portal by going to on your browser, then you can check that by logging in to the portal and checking the “Statistics” page from top menu.

Another way is by installing a bandwidth monitoring tool in your windows laptop or macbook to monitor how much data in out is occurring.

3. Is your socket or usb port stable?

This can be a real and often neglected factor too. Sometimes usb ports of laptops or wall sockets and adapters which we’re using to connect our evo 3g (doesn’t apply for charji devices which run on batter) are lose.

Changing the sockets can help confirm.

4. Is your evo wingle receiving enough signals

Make sure that evo wingle is in signals coverage area. You can check by using the evo wingle in the area where it received good signals previously, to confirm if the issue is with evo signal coverage or something else.

If it’s the signals issue, then you might need ptcl evo signal booster  to enhance evo wingle signal range.

5. Reset your evo wingle device

If nothing above works then one good option is to reset your device. Note that it will reset the wifi name and password too and the evo admin panel login and password too. You can see the wifi name and password on the inside of your evo wingle device by removing the sliding cover.

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