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Easy to Avoid SEO Mistakes in Small Businesses

A lament every business owner echoes is how many hats they have to wear. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website being one of those many tasks that take skill and knowledge to handle in a way that will benefit the business. The changing landscape of how search engines provide search results guarantees that any advice about what to do could be obsolete next year or next week. However, when it comes to DIY SEO there is something I can do that I am sure will help. I can tell you with confidence what not to do.

On-line reviews can make or break any small company especially in a small community. The impact a few good reviews can have on a business are enormous. This leads to small business owners attempting to fake some good reviews or being over zealous in soliciting reviews from their customers. There is nothing wrong with discussing with your best customers reasons why they might write a review for you. The problem starts when a business owner creates accounts and starts writing fake reviews and you do not want to go down that road. If it looks like you are pulling a fast one it could be a costly error. It is imperative that you take this advice. If a company gets caught falsifying reviews the results will be catastrophic.

It is important to set realistic expectations for any internet marketing campaign. If you are managing a DIY campaign or you have decided to pay a professional it is important to have patience. The only results that happen quickly are negative. Put together a realistic plan and stick to it. Jumping from marketing company to marketing company based on promises of first page search results will waste your money and time.

Social media can be a powerful tool to reach hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. Like so many other things in life, too much of a good thing can become an obstacle. Trying to take advantage of the hundreds of social media sites can turn into a full-time job. That turns into time spent not running your business and taking care of your customers.

The other side of that coin is not having a social media presence at all. There are to many opportunities there to not participate at least some. Any savvy business owner needs to recognize that finding that happy medium is the sweet spot. It is better to post quality content on a regular basis on a manageable schedule then to post bad content several times a day.

I have talked to many frustrated business owners who have not taken the time to improve the on-site optimization of their website before starting any kind of marketing campaign. You can work into the wee hours of the night or spend big money but it will never be as effective as it could be without first optimizing your website. Taking the time to focus on where your customers will be landing is imperative in keeping them engaged and turning visitors into customers.

When it comes to search engine optimization for your website there is a lot of bad or out dated information and it is hard to distinguish what works and what doesn’t. Knowing what not to do can go a long way to helping any business owner begin to organize an effective internet marketing campaign.

Source by Rick Lucas

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