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Basic Things to Know to Become a Professional Graphic Designer

Basic Things to Know to Become a Professional Graphic Designer

Have you ever created a design and thought “I wish I could learn graphic designing and improve it to call it a masterpiece?” Are you the one who has completed his or her designing course yet not confident enough to work in a professional environment? Never mind, we all have been there! If you want to become a professional graphic designer, you will need to learn at least some basic things or basic skills. Without these, you can never become an effective visual communicator for sure.

Here are a few basic things you should know to become a professional graphic designer –

Color Matching with the Design

Creating a harmony of colors is one of the finest ways to turn heads for your designs and make them stand out. A way to practice this method is to match the color of your graphic elements such as text holders, fonts and shapes with the background image. For that, you can make use of a color picker that helps in getting exact color through a hex code, a 6-digit code that identifies the particular color on the palette.

Blending Two Contrasting Fonts

When you start with your graphic designer career, you often find yourself stuck at a point, feel confused and ask a question to either yourself or someone else, “are these fonts complementing each other or not?” Choosing two fonts which are high in contrast with one another is a great rule of thumb in creating a fantastic graphic design. For an eye-pleasing feature in your design, add contrast fonts that effectively balances each other.

Utilizing Image’s Grid

Sometimes, even without using layouts or design templates, you can win hundreds of hearts. As imagery is broadly used in graphic designing, there is an amazing way to design your web pages. You can make use of a grid of images for an easy and quick way to create a world-class design. If you are using beach and ocean pics, you can line up the horizon of each photo and use an exclusive filter to maintain the consistency.

Making Use of Transparent Icons

Learning how to create icons and backgrounds is where your creative side starts to develop. As a newbie, you have a lot of time to try endless things and experiment or gain new skills! Like you can darken the background and use an icon making it a little transparent. This way, you can showcase your sense of creativity to others.

Using Icons and Shapes to Depict Your Info

Most of the beginners tend to get confused as well as surprised at how much can be achieved by using shapes and icons. A new way to share your information with your users is by creating appealing infographics. These shapes and icons are beneficial when creating informational designs and infographics for social web posts or if you want a pat on your back from your boss during a company’s meeting.

by Prince Kumar

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