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When Safari is opened other browsers Freezes how to fix

Have you experienced when Safari is opened other browsers won’t work? On a Windows PC while surfing the web all browsers work but as soon as Safari is opened the other browsers freeze. Incidentally Safari is a browser from Apple Inc. But it can be used in a windows platform as well as in mobile PC too.

The issue we are going to discuss today is actually a big problem for windows users who wants to use different browsers at the same time. Suppose one is using IE or Firefox or Chrome and then the person decides to open the next pages in Safari browser.At this moment, all the browsers crash. To fix this problem you can consult a computer repair service provider for tech support. You can also try to fix the issue on your own.

If you would like to troubleshoot the issue on your own you need to go to the root of the problem. This could happen if it is a laptop as the user will move it around and log into the net from different areas. For instance, the person is going to his/her office and logs into her office network or using the internet in a different place. In this case what happens is that since the person is always on the move his laptop gets adjusted and learns to take a location within itself.

What to do? Go to System Preferences – Network. Click on Locations – Edit Locations. Click the ‘+’ to create a new blank profile, name it “Home”. Connect to your wireless network as normal – you should be able to get connected fine now. Still in Network, click the “Advanced” button for Airport properties. Find the “Proxies” tab, and make sure everything is blank here. OK & Apply out of everything, and fire up Safari.

Once a new location is created depending on the location the user is in, then the user can choose the location in the browser and enjoy browsing. If the issue still persists then other normal browser troubleshooting needs to be done. Moreover the router needs to be checked too in case there are any discrepancies.

Source by Ivana Lewis

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