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Laptop showing black screen after start

If your laptop shows blank screen after windows logo.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try that may solve the issue.

1.Safe Mode

Do try to load the laptop into Safe Mode. While the laptop is booting up repeatedly press on F8 until it shows Advanced Boot Options, select Safe Mode and press Enter.
– Once loaded in Safe Mode do run System Restore, restore it back to an earlier date or time before the issue happened.

2.Electical Problem

– Remove battery, unplug power, hold power button for 60 seconds, turn on computer with power plug only, then shutdown, add battery and restart.

3.Using the Power, Function (Fn) and F5 Keys

The “power”, “fn” and “F5” key method could work especially if you have a Toshiba device. Try these steps:

Turn your laptop off.

Long press the power button for around 60 seconds.

Now press and keep a hold of the power, the function (fn) and the F5 keys for a maximum of 60 seconds.

Repeat the step 3 at-least 3-4 times before stopping.

4.Check With External Monitor

Atach an external monitor. If is shows a good image.Then there is problem with your Laptop Screen.If you don’t see any display then the problem is most probably with your memory or the motherboard in general.

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