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How to set Critical & Low Battery Level and Action in Windows 7, 8 and 10

1.Open the Control Panel.

open control panel and search for “Power option” Then click on “Edit power Plan”.

2.Change Advance Power Setting

Next to the active power plan, click the link Change Plan Settings.

In the Edit Plan Settings window, click the Change Advanced Power Settings link.

Finally, the Power Options dialog box shows up. It’s the happening place for all things having to do with power management in Windows

3.Go to Battery option

Scroll the list, and locate the item labeled Battery.Each item has two subitems — one for settings when the laptop is on battery power and a second for when the laptop is plugged in.

4.Set the battery-level warnings.

  • ow-battery notification: Sets a warning for a low battery level, before the situation becomes critical. Values are set to On to set the low warning and Off to ignore it.

  • Low battery level: Determines the battery percentage for the low-battery-level warning. This value should be generous, well above the critical level.

  • Low battery action: Directs the laptop in what to do when the battery charge reaches the low-battery level. Other options are Sleep, Hibernate, and Shut Down.

  • Critical battery level: Sets the battery power level (percentage) for the crucial battery-level action.

  • Critical battery action: Directs the laptop to sleep, hibernate, or shut down when the critical battery level is reached.

Click OK to confirm

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