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How to register domain name with Godaddy

How to register domain name with Godaddy.

What is Domain name?

A Domain name is nothing but a unique URL of your website. URL (Uniform resource locator) is a string, which user enters into the browser to visit the website. For example www.ithemesforests.com is a domain name for my website.

What’s the role of domain name and how it is important for a website?

Let me explain this with an example. Suppose you search a keyword on Google and get bulk of search results. Which result will you open first? Of course the one which has domain name, relevant to your search content.

It is very important to choose domain name according your content, it must complements your content and should be easy to memorize. It can be long or short, doesn’t matter. If we go by arguments over internet, some says big domain names are good, other says short ones are good. As per my understanding both types are good, provided, it should make sense and should complement your content.

Now you must be thinking, which domain registrar (Domain registrar is the one, which has rights to sell domain name) you should choose for domain registration.

One of the best domain registrar is GoDaddy.com. The following steps will show you the process  with GoDaddy.com. It typically requires couple of minutes to complete.

1) Go to godaddy to register domain and you will find the below screen

Godaddy register domain

2) Enter your desired domain name into the search box and press “Go”. It will show you whether the domain name you have entered is available or not. Also it shows similar domain names, which you can choose as an alternative, if the domain name you choosed is existing( not available).

3) Choose a domain name from the list, by clicking the “ADD TO CART”. Then click on continue to cart button to proceed with registration process.

Godaddy domain buy process

4) Now it will ask to login to your existing godaddy account or your can register new account. After registration it will redirect you to payment page where you can pay via credit card or paypal.

Godaddy domain buy process 2

5) After completion of step4, domain registration process is complete. GoDaddy.com will complete your registration within 24 hours and you will be receiving the confirmation e-mail for the same.

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