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How to increase Instagram Followers Using Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories is a fun and creative way to get more followers on Instagram! Stories have shorter lifespans than posts (only 24 hours), but they give your audience bite-sized content to engage with, and with over 250 million DAILY users on Instagram stories you will want to make sure you have a plan in place to use stories in a way your audience will love – and that will attract a brand new audience.

It’s a very simple strategy. Simply use the hashtag by type (#) then your topic of choice, into stories you are able to reach an entirely new audience quick and easily.  All it takes is a little research and your audience will be growing in no time.


This means you should research one that will fit well with your story and have a large search volume.  For example, #fitness will do better than #fitnesstips. Unlike with regular posts, you want broader hashtags for stories.

To help you find the high volume tags, use the “hashtag” feature in search.

2.Reach a Wider Audience and Grow Your Following With Instagram Stories Stickers

Adding stickers to your Instagram Stories is like adding a jetpack your posts – it accelerates their engagement by getting your Instagram Stories in front of more viewers!

There’s a lot of different types of stickers, and while you probably can’t use them all at the same time, you should aim to use one or two stickers where possible. Here’s a few to try out:

The Location Sticker:

Just like an Instagram post, you’re able to tag a location in your stories with the location sticker. This could be the city you’re in, the restaurant you’re eating at, or your own business’ location!

The Hashtag Sticker:

You can add up to 11 hashtags to an Instagram story, and just like location stories, an Instagram user can watch the stories posted under that tag, even if they’re not.

The Mention Sticker:

If you want to tag someone in your account, you can use the mention sticker to let a user know you’ve featured them in a post, or if you think it’s of interest to them.

You can tag up to 10 users in each story, but remember to keep your tags relevant to users in the story, otherwise it could look spammy.

3.Go Live on Instagram

Going live lets your audience to see what you are up to in real-time, is cost-effective (no need to edit any of your videos), and offers your viewers the ability to drop comments and likes on your live videos.

Drive Visitors from Instagram Stories to Your Profile and Posts

Driving traffic from your Instagram stories to your profile is key to getting more followers on Instagram through your stories.

So how do you get all of those viewers to get onto your profile?

You can use your latest post on Instagram to your advantage and pique your viewer’s curiosity by hinting at your last post in your story.

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