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How to Increase Facebook Fanpage Likes

There are now an estimated 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers.If you are looking for ways to bring attention to your business on Facebook.Uou’re sharing good content but aren’t seeing Facebook audience growth, keep reading.

In this article I’ll share the eight ways to grow your Facebook audience.

#1: Facebook Advertising.

The is one of best option to get targeted audience for your facebook Page.Depending on your business, Facebook Advertising can be beneficial to building your base of prospects because it enables you to tightly target your best prospect based on a number of variables, including geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace and keywords.

#2: Invite People From Your Facebook Friend Lists.

Send invitation to your facebook friends to like your page. If you have done a good job of organizing your professional colleagues, customers and prospects into Friend Lists, you can invite these lists as groups to your Facebook fan page instead of sending individual invites.

#3: Place a Facebook Like Box Widget on your Website.

The Facebook Like Box is a social plugin that helps you promote your Page to your website visitors. To create your Like Box, fill in the Facebook Page ID for your Page, the height and width of the box, whether you want your stream included and the number of fans to show.

#4: Promote your Page on other Social Sites.

Most social sites give you the opportunity to promote multiple websites. LinkedIn allows three links and Google profiles are unlimited. Use these opportunities to promote your Facebook Page as one of your key web properties. Don’t forget to use the “Other” feature when editing your additional information in LinkedIn to name the link appropriately.

#5: Provide a Link in Signatures.

Whenever you send emails to your customers, colleagues, vendors and other contacts, add your Facebook page link in your email signature along with your website link.

#6: Contests

Who doesn’t like a contest, or anything free for that matter? Be creative and create a few contests every month, and give away free swag or services. Make sure the content engages, which will help your audience share your page, and attract their friends.

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